About Kronkelroutes.be

Kronkelroutes Winding Routes Routes Sinueuses Kurvenreiche Strecke Wécklung Wee

Kronkelroutes.be is a Belgian website providing information and a community for users of mopedcars (quadricycles) or 45km cars and aims to provide as much information in a broad variety regarding these type of vehicles.

The Dutch word Kronkelroutes is taken from the TomTom satnav software (NL localisation) and represents the international English setting ‘Winding routes‘ in the user interface.

In Belgium, this particular setting in TomTom satnav software and devices is considered to be the best possible option to navigate safely and will get you from A to B (even though it sometimes may take you to routes prohibited for mopedcars).

Additionally to providing a community Kronkelroutes.be wants to propose a specific satnav version for mopedcars to the manufacturers of satnav systems and software as there is often a problem navigating with these vehicles when the satnav directs drivers to the nearest highway of express way entrance where they are not allowed to drive.

Watch this news item that was aired by RTV Utrecht (The Netherlands) on 12 May 2020 with English subtitles:

If you require information about this website or its content you may send an e-mail in Dutch, English or German to info@kronkelroutes.nl. Please note we can only answer e-mail in the aforementioned languages, e-mail sent to us in another language may not receive a reply or it may be answered in English.